Bill Ohs’ Biography

Bill Ohs

Beginning nearly 40 years ago in a three-car garage shop, Bill Ohs began his business handcrafting custom built-in libraries and casework for residential customers. In 1972, he founded the company Wm Ohs, Inc., which today is the leading national manufacturer of luxury, quality kitchens that feature classic European and American cabinetry stylings.

As an industry pioneer, Bill Ohs developed a unique method of casework construction using European, frameless 32mm system techniques to create traditional furniture appearances without the unsightly aspects of modularity.

Today, Wm Ohs products are distinguished not only by their furniture finishes and wonderful character, but also by their careful engineered design, innovative interior components, exterior detailing, and their incomparable quality.

Bill Ohs remains the company’s creative director. With a passion for design and artisanal work in his heart, Bill combines the quest for product perfection with a persistent creative energy. This enthusiasm translates into the company’s foundational vision: “To provide customers with the most elegant, classic kitchens made in America.”

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