To My Colleagues

By Bill Ohs – May 27, 2011 –

What would any of us be without the validation of professional associates who provide us with the reality check that legitimize our efforts?

I reminisce about the first showroom owners who gambled on the fledgling Wm Ohs cabinet company.  I call to mind the scores of creative designers whose ideas stimulated better product offerings and details, and who used the elements we furnished in remarkable new ways.  I think of many other kitchen brands whose fine reputations energized our own efforts.

I think fondly on scores of colleagues and professionals I know through the kitchen industry who are now good friends and confidants.  I praise our factory staff who, day after day, warrant our company’s continuing success.  I lament about the sacrifices made by my wife and family when I was absent all too frequently in body and in mind for having started the Wm Ohs business.

-Bill Ohs

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