Bill Explores the Contemporary Kitchen

By Bill Ohs – November 29, 2011 –

Wm Ohs Contemporary Kitchen

In my last writing I began the discussion of what is truly “Classic” in kitchen design.  I indicated that the dictionary lists two primary definitions.  The first, “Conforming to the models and rules of ancient Greek and Roman style and proportion in art and architecture.” The second, “Any work of the highest class that serves as a standard of enduring excellence.”

Following the second definition, even contemporary kitchen furniture may be classic in nature.  Although most kitchen cabinetry in the United States is and has been traditional in nature, kitchen cabinetry in Western Europe is decidedly contemporary in design.  This has been true for the past 50 years.

Every other even-numbered year, in April, I have made a practice of attending the International Furniture Fair in Milan, Italy.  All of the major European luxury brand kitchen manufactures create wonderfully contemporary full kitchen presentations, complete with lighting, interior cabinetry convenience features, dishware and utensil accessories and the newest in kitchen appliances.

In three great fairground halls with full kitchen presentations of wonderful woods and veneers and elegant natural finishes blend with gleaming stainless counterpoints and showcase the best in contemporary design innovation.  I have become intrigued by the breadth of ideas and originality that are actualized in modern European classic kitchen furniture: “Works of the highest class that serve as a standard of enduring excellence.”

American kitchen customers are now beginning to recognize and move toward this fresh new classic modernity. 

More about the new Wm Ohs contemporary approach to kitchen design to come.

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